• Ultra Fine Bubble

  • Ultra Fine Bubble - UFB

    "Fine bubbles" are categorized according to the bubble size.

    There is the micro-size "Micro-Bubble (MB)" and nano-size "Ultrafine-Bubble (UFB)" (previously called "Nanobubble").

    These bubbles are not only small, but also have various properties unlike bubbles a few millimeters large (millibubbles) visible to the human eye.

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  • 4 major points of Ultra Fine Bubbles (UFB)

    Too tiny to be visible

    Width of human hair fits 500 to 1,000 bubbles.

    Negatively charged

    Since UFB is negatively charged, it attracts positive ions (+).

    Bubble's internal pressure is about 30 atm

    The bubble's internal pressure reaches 30 atm due to the surrounding water pressure, intermolecular force, and electrostatic force. For viruses and bacteria in the same size as UFB, the 30 atm bubble bursting has a tremendous destructive force. The shock removes the soiling.

    Does not disappear over a long period

    "The bubbles are too small and have almost no buoyancy."
    "Since they are all negatively charged, the bubbles do not stick together."
    "Postive ion shell."
    With these three characteristics, the bubbles remain for a long time and do not disappear. Even if you spew them with a hose or spray, the UFB remains. Even in heat up to about 40˚C, UFB hardly decreases. However, they must not be boiled.

  • Effects of fine bubbles


    Fine bubbles can attain various effects such as effectively dissolving a large amount of gas in a liquid and encapsulating gas in the bubbles.

  • 5 practical properties expected in industrial use

    1. Enhances water's cleaning effect.

    2. Ultra-fine bubbles as small as viruses can enter small spaces.

    3. Ultra-fine bubbles as small as viruses can enter small spaces.

    4. Antibacteria and antivirus effects.

    Stimulates the physiology of living things to promote the growth of crops and farmed fish. Purifies water.

    5. "Gas-liquid mixture" with bubbles kept in water.

    Possible to create water having various properties by taking advantage of the simultaneous and opposing characteristics of liquid and gas.

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  • Sample applications of fine bubbles

    Fine bubbles can be used not only for consumer products, but also in agriculture, fisheries, medicine, manufacturing industries, and energy-related industries. It is spreading as a key technology for new and active development in these industries.

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    ● Soil cleansing
    ● Groundwater purification
    ● Factory wastewater treatment
    ● Sludge volume reduction
    ● Hazardous substance decomposition
    ● Algae removal
    ● Floatation separation of aggregated SS

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    ● Promoting the growth, increasing the yield, and improving the quality of livestock and agriculture
    ● Preserving freshness
    ● Liquid fertilizer
    ● Production management (plant factories, etc.)

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    ● Preserving freshness
    ● Anti-oxidation
    ● Adding flavor
    ● Adding texture
    ● Adding fragrance

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    ● Promoting the growth, increasing the yield, and improving the quality of marine products
    ● Aquaculture environment improvement
    ● Preserving freshness

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    ● Toilet cleaning
    ● Production line cleaning
    ● Salt damage countermeasure
    ● Pipe cleaning
    ● Removing water residue on glass
    ● Washing machines
    ● Vegetables and food

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    ● Precision removal/peeling
    ● Silicon wafer thin-film separation

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    Beauty care

    ● Hot spring (bubble bath)
    ● Facial and scalp wash
    ● Nanotechnology cosmetics
    ● Shower heads

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    ● Medical treatment and medical products
    ● Boats
    ● Paper production
    ● Daily necessities
    ● Energy
    ● Aquariums

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